Saturday, June 3, 2017

Exchange Export List of Mailboxes Created After a Certain Date

In my organization, we have a billing structure for each site, where they charge back resources like mailboxes to the company. This is done monthly, so I needed a way to get a list of mailboxes to send to site managers.

We'll use our old buddy PowerShell to export a CSV of mailboxes that were created after a certain date.

Fire up the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) and run the following:

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | where {$_.whenmailboxcreated -gt (get-date "4/18/2017")} | select displayname,whenmailboxcreated | Export-CSV C:\Temp\Mailboxes-4-18-17.csv

What the cmdlet does is grabs all mailboxes created after 18APR17 with "-gt" (greater than) operator and then exports the CSV with the mailbox display names and when they were created.

**Note** Change the date to how far you need to go back and change "C:\Temp\Mailboxes-4-18-17.csv" to the path and filename of your choosing.

Now you have a when were these mailboxes created report to send out!

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