Sunday, May 21, 2017

Exchange/AD Export List of Users With Empty Email Address Fields

In my Exchange 2016 environment, I run a Resource Forest, which means we have to use MIM to sync users from the Accounts Forest. The way we have it configured, the attribute that triggers a sync is the Email Address field. If that field is empty, the account won't get created in the Resource Forest.

Not every account needs an email address, or sometimes the provisioning script might not populate the email address.

My bosses wanted an "empty email address" report, so I needed a way to export a list of users with empty email address field, and their respective OU's.
Since this is an Accounts Forest (with no Exchange) we'll have to use Active Directory PowerShell cmdlets...which aren't as easy to use to grab recipient information.

So, here's a quick one-liner that will grab all ADUsers with no email address populated; the full path of the Organizational Unit they live in; and export that list to a CSV file.

Fire up Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell and run the following cmdlet:

Get-ADUser -Filter {EmailAddress -notlike "*"} -Properties EmailAddress | Select-Object Name,@{n='OU';e={$_.canonicalname -replace "/$($_.cn)",""}} | Export-Csv "C:\Temp\EmptyEmailAddresses.csv"

**Note** Change the "C:\Temp\EmptyEmailAddresses.csv" path to wherever want to save the csv.

Your csv output will look like so:

Name OU
Stacey Branham exchangeitup.com/Mailboxes
User1 exchangeitup.com/NonMailUsers
User2 exchangeitup.com/NonMailUsers
User3 exchangeitup.com/DisabledUsers
User4 exchangeitup.com/DisabledUsers

Happy reporting :)

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