Saturday, May 27, 2017

Exchange Count the Number of Messages In The MessageTrackingLog

I had to diagnose a mailbox forwarding to external issue recently, and while I could tell that messages were going out by using Message Tracking on the Edge server, the user that had the forward wanted a count of how many messages were being sent.

So this is quick post on using PowerShell to get a count of messages by sender in the MessageTrackingLog.

Fire up the Exchange Management Shell on the Edge server if you have one, or on one of your Mailbox Servers.

And run the following commands:

$count = get-messagetrackinglog -Recipients "email@address.com" -Start 5/23/2017

$count | Group-Object -Property Sender | Select-Object name,count | sort

**Note** Change "email@address.com" and -start date

You can also do -sender instead of -recipient in the first variable, like so:

$count = get-messagetrackinglog -Sender "email@address.com" -Start 5/23/2017

And if you want to narrow down the results further, you can also add an -EventID like so:

$count = get-messagetrackinglog -Recipients "email@address.com" -EventID SEND -Start 5/23/2017

Happy message counting!

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